Here are some podcasts about early medieval apocalyptic things which I recorded. They are designed to support an honours course I teach at the University of St Andrews – ME3231 Medieval Apocalyptic Traditions.

Augustine, Rome and Apocalypse:

This provides an overview of important developments in apocalyptic thought in the last days of the Roman Empire, focusing on key Christian thinkers including St Augustine and St Jerome.

Merovingian Apocalyptic (c. 500-c. 750):

This podcast surveys changes in the period immediately after the Roman Empire in the West, examining in particular the thought of Pope Gregory the Great (d. 604) and Bishop Gregory of Tours (d. 594). It includes discussion of chronological traditions in the period.

Carolingian Apocalyptic (c. 750-c. 900):

The Carolingian Empire is often considered a high point in early medieval history because of its strong, centralised government and cultural ‘renaissance’. This podcast looks at ways in which apocalypse remained important, with the ‘6000th Year of the World’ and the imperial coronation of Charlemagne, and the efforts to combat heretics and ‘pseudo-prophets’.


There are a number of interviews from the Erlangen project, ‘Fate, Freedom and Prognostication’, including interviews with Richard Landes (Boston) and Hannes Möhring (Bayreuth – interview in German):

Jay Rubenstein talks about apocalypse and the First Crusade on Ideas Roadshow:

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