Cubitt RHistS Lecture on Y1K in England

Continuing the recent progress with studies of the apocalyptic in the early Middle Ages,

Prof Katy Cubitt from the University of York will be talking about “Apocalyptic Thinking in England around the Year 1000” at University College London, this coming Friday evening (details here).

I heard an early version of the paper before in Frankfurt and it certainly moves things forward, challenging the more cautious analyses of Keynes and Godden. It’s all more complicated than a simple ‘Fear of the Year 1000’ – there’s reform to be done, politics of penance to play out, the providential scourge of the vikings to consider, and lots of apocalyptic rhetoric.

Prof Katy Cubitt

Prof Katy Cubitt

It will be interesting to see how Prof Cubitt’s arguments sit with Dr Levi Roach‘s, as he has an article forthcoming in English Studies on a similar theme. Okay, I’ve seen a draft of this too – the two scholars are not so far away from each other, and both present a more nuanced picture of the role of apocalyptic thinking in late Anglo-Saxon politics and society than we’ve seen previously.