Debra Strickland

New book on Western Apocalyptic

One might as well have ‘news’ on a page like this. So: a new book! Coming out of the Abendländische Apokalyptik (‘Western Apocalyptic’) project at Vienna is a new volume of essays in English and German called Abendländische Apokalyptik: Kompendium zur Genealogie der Endzeit (details here).

In the spirit of genealogy it works backwards from modernity to Late Antiquity. Medieval apocalypse fans (?) will find new essays from me, Peter Darby, Debra Strickland, plus Vienna regulars Veronika Wieser, Clemens Gantner and Richard Corradini. Best of all, the essays collectively address the Big Questions about how apocalypse works as a social dynamic and discourse in ways which continue to open up apocalypse in ‘cultural history’.